We have been preaching (hallelujah!) a good website to you and now it is time to consider if you need an app. Having a good website is step 1 and very important! Depending on your business, an app could be even more important.

One great thing is your logo will sit on their screen and they will see it every time they unlock their phone. Seeing your app, they might decide to browse your site and see what new products you have, ending in more orders. That is just one possibility.

You have to offer something that your customer wants to see. You can still keep your content updated and at the tip of their fingertips. A common concern we have heard is how to track your customers’ habits and your conversions. Similar to a one-page website, it is much easier to guide your customers through the app in the way that you want. (link) Additionally, there are tracking tools like Google Analytics.


The benefit of sending notifications to your customers is unlike anything else. There is no way to emulate this – the closest thing you can get is emails. Extra push notifications when something has been ordered, or when they haven’t been on your app for a while, can lead to extra orders!

Look at your Google Analytics account and see your mobile following. If lots of people use your site on their phones than an app is probably a good idea. It means they need your information on the road and not just at home when they have access to a desktop or laptop.

Don’t just make an app because you think it is cool but look into it and decide if it will give you a positive ROI!

Best of luck deciding on your app! If you do, check out our hosting options for your app here!