Back in 2014 we told you 4 NET NEUTRALITY TALKING POINTS TO HELP YOU IMPRESS YOUR FATHER-IN-LAW. No one has really cared about it until now. Now it affects us in a negative way and most don’t know what is going on.

What is it?

You know how you pay for internet service and you can go to whatever website you want and you have complete freedom over what you use your internet service for? This is net neutrality. Without it, internet providers (this means your cell phone carrier too) can charge you based on what sites you visit. Similar to paying for cable, if you want a certain channel you have to pay for it. This means when you sign up for internet, you might have to pick packages, like social media or news and pay a little extra to get access to Facebook and Fox News.

How does it Affect You?

Large businesses might start to pay internet companies so their sites are not throttled or blocked. Verizon throttled Netflix, because it used so much bandwidth, and Netflix wasn’t going to have it. This greatly helped influence getting net neutrality into place. This takes away internet equality. As a smaller company, your site is more likely to struggle.

What just happened?

On December 14 net neutrality was taken away. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had implemented net neutrality in 2014 and just this month took it away with a vote that involved only 5 people. There are tons of different theories out there about this, and some people who are not worried at all. “In a year when there have been no major consequences from the repeal of Net Neutrality, a whole bunch of people are gonna owe me lunch.” – Dennis Walker, an insurance agent, posted on Facebook.  Some people are on the other side entirely and waiting every day for an announcement from their internet service provider (ISP).

Talking Points

It’s Christmas so we know you will probably see the in-law’s and you are still trying to impress your father-in-law. We can help you.

Talking Point 1

“Simply put, net neutrality is the concept that all data on the Internet should be treated equally, comparable to the treatment of electricity and other utilities.”

We know that this is the same line you used three years ago with him but even if he remembers, it is still a valid point.

He hasn’t kept up with what has been going on and still doesn’t understand why you care so much about this. You still need to show him how educated you are when it comes to the world. You were never good enough for his kid. You also know that he really should care.

Talking Point 2

“This was just taken away from us and now we might start having to pay our internet companies more money just to use Google.”

Now you have caught his attention. He cares about his money for sure! He remembers all the money he spent on your wedding!  But he still doesn’t quite understand what just happened a few days ago but he is definitely interested.

Talking Point 3

“Obama asked the FCC for net neutrality during his reign as president. Whether you like Obama or not, I’m sure you liked not paying extra money on facebook.”

Now is when you can drive it home and give him all the good information you have collected. We personally recommend analogies, like how internet service could end up working like cable as explained above but, you do you! Show him that you really do know your stuff!

And if you have anything to add, let us know in the comments below!