NetHosting’s Affiliate Marketing Manager is scheduled to attend the 2009 Publisher’s Conference in glamorous Las Vegas, Nevada.

Orem, UT PubCon Vegas 2009 will be held in the Las Vegas Convention Center on November 10th through the 13th, with an exclusive master class scheduled for Monday the 9th. Attending Monday’s master class and the entirety of the search engine and internet marketing conference is John Rampton, Affiliate Marketing Manager of NetHosting, a leading web hosting and internet service provider based in Orem, Utah.

Mr. Rampton shared his expectations of the upcoming conference, saying, “Networking is obviously a key goal at an event like this, but we’re also going to be taught by an outstanding lineup of speakers. I’m excited to attend such a sought-after event because of the doors it will open for NetHosting as well as the possibilities it will create for our current and future clients.”

The November conference’s speakers will include a medley of industry CEOs, Internet Marketing Directors, and Product Managers, among which are representatives of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Internet Brands, Zappos, and many others. The conference will host more than a hundred discussion topics, fine-tuning such areas as search engine optimization, advertising, website publishing, and E-commerce management, to name only a few, and promises to deliver vital marketing information to professionals of all disciplines.

“Attending this conference will be just one of the many steps NetHosting has taken to bring our customers’ experience with us to the next level,” said Lane Livingston, CEO and founder of NetHosting. “We’re always on the lookout for these types of opportunities.”