NetHosting CEO, Lane Livingston, is scheduled to attend this year’s HostingCon conference to be held at the Austin Convention Center.

Orem, UT NetHosting, leading provider of cloud and dedicated hosting platforms, will be represented at the 2013 HostingCon conference, a jam-packed event for hosting professionals to learn about new and innovative hosting technologies.

NetHosting CEO, Lane Livingston, will be joined by over 1,900 attendees at the Austin Convention Center in Texas, learning about the changing and developing hosting trends and the ways in which industry leaders must think about the future of hosting and the Internet.

At a time of great innovation and transformation, staying informed on current trends and technologies is critical for hosting professionals, and HostingCon is a venue for building networks and relationships with industry professionals, while exploring technological advancement.

“HostingCon provides professionals with not only the opportunity to meet other leading industry professionals,” says Lane Livingston, “but also access to myriad resources regarding hosting technology and innovation. As the industry continues to develop, it is critical to stay up-to-date with development, and HostingCon’s raft of scheduled speakers gives professionals access to the information they need to stay current.”

This year’s HostingCon will be held from June 17 – 19, and features keynote speakers such as Max Wessel, a Fellow of Harvard Business School’s Forum for Growth and Innovation, who will be speaking on cloud hosting technology and the future of the Internet, as well as targeted classes given by industry executives on a variety of technology and business related topics.