NetHosting CFO, Lee Livingston, joined the lineup of speakers at the 2009 Cyber Symposium.

Orem, UT NetHosting CFO, Lee Livingston, recently appeared in a notable lineup of speakers at the 2009 Cyber Symposium, held in the Garden Visitors Center at Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, UT.

The Cyber Symposium provides an annual opportunity for the business, academic, and legal communities to meet and discuss the obstacles and opportunities facing today’s high tech industry professionals.

“It was a privilege to be a part it,” Mr. Livingston said of the engagement. “We shared vital information on key issues, like credit card fraud. It is touching all of our lives and cyber-criminals are becoming more sophisticated.”

Mr. Livingston went on to say that the evolution of credit card processing and fraud over the Internet has forced the big credit card brands to push the PCI Digital Security Standard, or PCI DSS, on all levels of credit card processing, which was the topic of Mr. Livingston’s presentation and panel discussion.

“The threat of credit card fraud should be of serious concern for consumers and businesses,” said Mr. Livingston. “With the recent Hartland Payment Systems breach, where 130 million credit cards appear to have been stolen, the credit card industry is proving to be vulnerable even at its highest levels.”

Also present at Friday’s Symposium were speakers from a variety of prominent businesses and law firms, such as public interest attorney Paul Levy of Public Citizen, CFO David Bradford of Fusion-io, and Brazilian attorney Paulo Parente Margues Mendes, to name a few.