NetHosting looks at the web’s largest video game distributor, Steam, in its newest case study.

NetHosting, a top provider of Cloud Hosting, windows virtual hosting, and Dedicated Hosting solutions, has just released its newest case study, which examines one of the largest video game distributors, Steam.

Emerging in 2002, Steam was created by Valve Software in order to provide its gamers with a platform for online play. This platform helped Valve install updates and controls without shutting down all of its servers. Since then Steam has become an online video game platform where gamers can log on, purchase, and download full games onto their computers and, recently, PlayStation 3s.

Steam controls about 70% of the video game market and reports of having over 40 million accounts and 1,800 titles in its repertoire of games. Steam powers its website and platform with 66 data centers scattered over the globe, which provide 80 petabytes worth of data per gamer and is available to its worldwide fan-base in 22 languages.

“As a deliverer of virtual goods, Valve Software is a fantastic example of a provider that answers the demand for virtual versus physical commodities,” stated NetHosting CEO, Lane Livingston. “We took a close up look at Steam to show how the massive gaming platform began and how it currently supports its services.”

Aside from its most recent case study on Steam, NetHosting has a history of examining some of the web’s biggest names, such as Zynga, YouTube, and Reddit.