NetHosting has announced the release of a new remote backup solution for Windows and Linux servers.

Orem, UT NetHosting, global provider of Cloud, Dedicated, and Virtual hosting solutions, has rolled out an efficient, easily operated backup service to provide users with added data security and peace of mind against human error, computer failure, and other forms of data loss.

The efficiency of the R1 Soft Remote Backup product can be found in its ability to differentiate between data that has not been changed since the previous backup and data that needs to be updated. When a scheduled backup occurs, only data that has been modified is sent to storage. In this way, the user’s allotment of storage space is never wasted on storing multiple snapshots of the same data.

“With R1 Soft, backing up data is a painless process for us and for the customer,” stated NetHosting CEO, Lane Livingston. “Its sheer versatility makes it stand out as a must-have product for anyone that has ever been concerned about the security of his or her data, which naturally equates to just about everyone.”

R1 Soft enables NetHosting customers to enhance the standard backup process of MySQL data to include a plug-in that interfaces directly with MySQL and produces live, up-to-date MySQL data for users to access as often as necessary. Another feature unique to R1 Soft Backup is the ability to restore database data in individual records, granting users the convenience of narrowing down their backup to specific files.

“R1 Soft also comes with an extremely robust Graphical User Interface, granting our users tools for customization and automation of their backup,” added Mr. Livingston. “All of these features make this product the ideal protection solution for one of the most valuable assets of any company or website: data.”