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Etsy, the online marketplace for do-it-yourselfers and crafts enthusiasts, is examined in NetHosting’s latest case study.

Orem, UT NetHosting, a top cloud hosting, virtual hosting, and dedicated hosting provider, has just released its newest case study, which walks through the ins and outs of the handmade goods online marketplace, Etsy.

NetHosting reports that Etsy joined the ranks of other East Coast-based tech companies in 2005, founded by Haim Schoppik, Tobin Kalin, Jared Tarbell, and Chris Macguire. Etsy was designed to be the virtual fairgrounds for artists and craft makers to set up storefronts to sell their creations and for buyers to peruse through the different collections. Etsy grew mostly by word of mouth and has now gained 875,000 sellers and in 2011 had US$525 million in sales.

More details on the systems, history, and features are found in the official Etsy case study.

Lane Livingston, the CEO of NetHosting, stated, “Etsy shows that there is not only an online market for goods that are typically found at crafts fairs, but it can become one of the largest online marketplaces.” Mr. Livingston continued, “To facilitate the enormous demands this website receives, it needs a highly scalable, tried and tested server architecture in the cloud.”

NetHosting has highlighted online commerce websites in other case studies such as eBay, Groupon, and Amazon.