NetHosting, a growing provider of dedicated, VPS, and virtual hosting packages, announced its newest hire, an Affiliate Marketing expert who has already expanded NetHosting’s online marketing presence to include over 1900 affiliates.

Orem, UT NetHosting’s efforts to broaden its online marketing horizons recently came to fruition with its newest employee acquisition. John Rampton, an experienced Affiliate Marketer and social media guru, recently joined the NetHosting team and has connected with over 1900 affiliates within a few months’ span, catapulting NetHosting’s marketing endeavors to new heights.

Lane Livingston, CEO and founder of NetHosting, said of Mr. Rampton’s accomplishments, “They are taking us in the right direction as a company. Already we are more accessible to a larger range of clients and we’re interacting with them in a more effective way. After all, that’s the allure of social media software like Twitter and Facebook, which have become essential to any online marketing campaign. They provide an instantaneous, real-world connection with our customers that is difficult to accomplish as more and more people plug into the social media network.”

Mr. Livingston added that throughout its fifteen-year history, NetHosting has always made it a priority to stay in tune with its customers. “It’s the best way to know what our customers need and how to deliver a consistent, quality product,” concluded Mr. Livingston.

As the new Affiliate Marketing Manager, Mr. Rampton shares Mr. Livingston’s enthusiasm for the versatility of social media, stating, “There’s no better way to get the word out about NetHosting’s great products. I look forward to many years of growth and success with this company.”