NetHosting foresees a great deal of tweets in its near future as it increases its efforts to boost its social media outreach.

Orem, UT NetHosting has expanded its social networking initiative to include Twitter, the highly accessible, highly addictive phenomena that is transforming human interaction as we know it.

“How we connect with our customers on a personal and convenient level is naturally going to be determined by the latest and greatest in social networking,” said NetHosting CEO Lane Livingston. “And that’s media software like Facebook, blogging, and of course, Twitter. We’re very excited to make our presence known and to reach out to our customers in a way they can relate to.”

Pioneering NetHosting’s efforts is Affiliate Marketing Manager John Rampton, who maintains an active following on Twitter with his daily tweets. “Building a presence is all about participation,” said Mr. Rampton. “It’s about getting out there and getting heard, and if you have something interesting or useful to say, people will keep listening. Guaranteed. My commitment to our customers is to be there for them, and on Twitter I can be a constant ear for their concerns and comments, and that’s important to me.”

As social networking sites like Twitter continue to take the communications world by storm, NetHosting asserts its eagerness to be on the forefront of their advancing popularity.

NetHosting is joined by thousands of other businesses that begin to see the value in online social networking.