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Nethosting Knows E-commerce

NetHosting Knows Ecommerce

We know what you need to make your online store thrive online, and you need more than just a hosting provider. You need a partner that understands that the success of your ecommerce website doesn’t only depend on 100% guaranteed uptime and dedicated support. You need a partner that delivers the full equation, including the one thing with the power to completely topple your ecommerce enterprise if neglected: security.

As an ecommerce professional, you know that faulty product can be replaced as easily as marketing strategies can be refined, but the moment you fail to secure consumer credit card information against cyber crime is the moment you’ve lost the trust of your customers. Add the price of your damaged reputation to the cost of reparations and fines, and you’ve effectively eliminated thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, in potential revenue. If you are a new or growing ecommerce business, you’ve just become another casualty in the war against cyber crime.

The PCI Defense

Ever since the Payment Card Industries’ leading credit card companies—American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and JCB International—collaborated to produce a universal data security standard, the word “security” has grown increasingly synonymous with the term “PCI compliance.” As the threat of identity theft and credit fraud grows ever more prevalent, mandated compliance with the PCI data security standard comes not a moment too soon.

Ecommerce payment management company, CyberSource, revealed that in 2008, online shops lost roughly $4 billion to internet fraud, and some experts say, given the state of the economy, that number is destined to escalate as “the economic crisis has raised levels of desperation and opportunity [in cyber criminals].”(Visa’s 2009 Global Security Summit panel)

According to the same Global Security panel, cyber criminals have found significant opportunity in small business. The panel observed that while larger corporations have amped up their security efforts following such high profile breaches as the multimillion dollar cyber invasion of TJX in 2006, a survey of small businesses revealed that nearly 60% did not even encrypt their wireless networks.

It is precisely this failure of appreciation for the real and growing risks of cyber crime that has precipitated the necessity of PCI, and many ecommerce businesses have found their shopping carts caught between the daunting task of compliance and the looming threat of penalties for noncompliance.

The NetHosting Solution

NetHosting operates a fully PCI compliant and certified data center, which means that our processes have been audited and approved by a third party. As a PCI certified facility, we represent the critical missing link in your chain of compliance, supplying tailor-made PCI compliant hosting solutions fitted precisely to the requirements for compliance in your industry.

Just as PCI has been described as the only foundation for a feasible defense against cyber crime, NetHosting likewise offers a stable foothold for ecommerce businesses in their pursuit of total website security.

Give us a call! We are available now to assist you on your way toward 100% PCI compliance.

Your Dedicated Experts

At NetHosting, we don’t rate ourselves on the quotas that we meet or the amount of calls that we take, but on how our customers feel about us at the end of the day. As Dedicated Experts, we work hard to know what our customers need when they need it in order to deliver proactive and effective solutions. We strive to surpass expectation and ultimately become our customers’ first and only source for answers to every hosting challenge.

We are your Dedicated Experts, as committed to our performance as experts as we are dedicated to our customers as individuals.