With the addition of Enkompass, a new control panel product for Windows, NetHosting introduces customers to an entirely new standard of affordable hosting solutions designed exclusively for businesses.

Orem, UT NetHosting, an established provider of Cloud, Dedicated, and VPS hosting solutions, has recently expanded its service offering to include the time- and cost-saving capabilities of Enkompass, cPanel’s newest Windows-compatible web hosting control panel.

Designed to operate with Microsoft IIS7 and Windows Server 2008, the Enkompass model takes directly from the effective and intuitive interface of cPanel/WHM for Linux, with a few alterations intended for Windows-only application. The close resemblance of the two products enables staff and customers alike who are familiar with cPanel/WHM to make a smooth transition to Enkompass.

“The consistency of features between the Linux control panel and Enkompass is only one of the manifold advantages of the new product,” states NetHosting CEO, Lane Livingston, explaining that “in addition to the time and resources saved by not needing to retrain our staff, Enkompass was specially designed by cPanel with flexibility, scalability, and security in mind.”

Mr. Livingston anticipates tremendous customer response to the recent release of Enkompass as an option in its lineup of services, stating, “Until recently only Linux users have had access to the level of versatility and value that cPanel made possible with WHM. Since Enkompass was built and rooted in Windows technologies, all the advantages of reduced software licensing and support costs, streamlined and accurate reporting functions, and well as cPanel-grade performance are now available to Windows users through NetHosting.”