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NetHosting increases reliability and performance of its cPanel hosting products with R1 Soft backup and CloudLinux integration.

Orem, UT NetHosting, a leading provider of Cloud, Dedicated Hosting, VPS, and Shared Hosting solutions, has upgraded its current cPanel hosting offering by integrating market-leading backup software and select Cloud capabilities with the standard functionality of its cPanel product.

“Our customers expect the utmost level of reliability from NetHosting’s products,” stated NetHosting CEO Lane Livingston. “That’s the promise we make as Dedicated Experts, to keep our customers secure and live around the clock, without fail. We’ve integrated R1 Soft Remote Backup and CloudLinux with our cPanel hosting products to offer a tremendous advantage to the standard cPanel user and to boost the value of our products even further.”

With R1 Soft Backup, NetHosting’s cPanel customers will be able to schedule automated backups of critical data to protect against hardware failure and human error, among other forms of data loss.

“R1 Soft is recognized as the market leader in automated backup software,” said Mr. Livingston. “If our customers ever had a problem, their data will be restored from the most reliable backup platform on the market. The added capabilities of integration with the CloudLinux operating system will also eliminate competition for resources for our cPanel hosting customers across the board.”

The CloudLinux OS increases the efficiency of servers by isolating each customer with lightweight virtualized environments similar to the virtual server instances offered in the Cloud. With CloudLinux, one customer’s traffic spike has no effect on another’s resources.

“For the average cPanel hosting customer, concerns over backup and the dependability of resources are significant issues,” added Mr. Livingston. “With the upgrades we’ve made to our cPanel offering, we’ve integrated a remedy to both at every layer of hosting because we believe that maximum reliability should come standard with every hosting product, not as an extra feature for additional cost.”