The travel accommodations site Airbnb is disrupting the hotel industry, as NetHosting highlights in its latest case study.

Orem, UT Veteran cloud, virtual, and dedicated hosting provider, NetHosting has published a new case study today about the travel site Airbnb.

In 2007, the two Airbnb co-founders offered local conference attendees a place on their couch to supplement their rent. A year and one more founder later, the three had an official service that helped hundreds at the SXSW music festival and later that year at the Democratic National Convention. was shortened and branded as and as NetHosting has pointed out, the service has been gaining users, recognition, and revenue ever since.

Airbnb lets property owners post when their abodes are available for renting, whether for a day, a week, or a month. Interested travelers can browse locations by location, availability, or price to find somewhere to stay during their vacations. Accommodations vary hugely in price and setting, from apartments to homes to boats to tipis. There are available postings in over 192 countries.

As to why NetHosting chose Airbnb as a case study, CEO Lane Livingston commented, “Looking at how startups operate is valuable because it can inspire innovation in what we do every day as a hosting company. Airbnb is working hard to provide its users a better solution, and that’s what we’re about here at NetHosting.”

In the recent past, NetHosting has also published case studied on independent e-commerce site, Etsy and the crowd-sourced fundraising service, Kickstarter.