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NetHosting recently underwent a scheduled audit with the Cadence Group, Salt Lake City’s advisory and compliance specialists, and achieved SAS 70 certification.

Orem, UT NetHosting, a leading provider of Dedicated, Virtual, and Cloud hosting products, has recently received Type I SAS 70 certification for the security of its internal operations.

The report, issued by the Cadence Group, an independent service auditor, details the controls NetHosting has effected to safeguard user data throughout the processing of any given transaction and verifies that NetHosting’s facilities are fully compliant with SAS 70 protocols.

The Statement on Auditing Standard 70, or SAS 70, is a measure of qualification that was instituted for service organizations after the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002, which issued a standardized set of protocols for the accounting and auditing industry to follow. There are a number of advantages for service organizations which have been SAS 70 certified, including the ability to prove to their customers in a detailed auditor’s report that their operations have been assessed and validated by a third party. This also serves to satisfy certain requirements for customers that must also abide by SAS 70.

Lane Livingston, CEO of NetHosting, said of the company’s recent certification, “Transparency in business is vital to gaining the trust of our clientele, and complying with SAS 70 has allowed us the opportunity not only to subject our processes to a structured audit, but to then publish the results in a detailed and organized report for anyone to see. Our compliance with PCI, in addition to SAS 70, is a good example of our commitment to being a business our clients can trust.”

NetHosting became PCI compliant in April of last year, establishing itself as the first PCI compliant data center in Utah, an accomplishment Mr. Livingston confirms was no accident.

“We want our current and potential customers to know that our everyday practices are secure and up to code,” stated Mr. Livingston, “whether it’s how we monitor access to our data center or process a credit card, which is why we are proud to say that we are SAS 70 and PCI compliant.”