NetHosting has enhanced its current Virtual Hosting offering with CloudLinux integration and unlimited disk storage and bandwidth.

Orem, UT NetHosting, a leading provider of Cloud, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Server, and Shared Hosting solutions, has recently released an updated version of its Virtual Hosting offering.

NetHosting’s newly released Cloud Virtual Hosting product integrates the security benefits of cPanel, R1Soft Remote Backup, and CloudLinux while offering unlimited bandwidth and disk storage at minimal cost.

“Cloud Virtual Hosting takes a familiar product and brings it up to par with the most robust, dependable service offerings out there,” stated Joe Seegmiller, Hosting Services Manager at NetHosting. “The only thing that doesn’t change is the cost.”

NetHosting CEO, Lane Livingston, explained the greatest difference between NetHosting’s previous Virtual Hosting product and its new offering. “The CloudLinux integration is probably the greatest enhancement to this product,” said Mr. Livingston. “Top that off with upgrades like unlimited bandwidth and disk storage, as well as R1Soft remote backup, and Cloud Virtual Hosting is extremely hard to beat as an option for the majority of website owners.”

With CloudLinux integration, current Virtual Hosting customers can eliminate one of the greatest challenges faced in a shared hosting environment: overtaxed resources and distributed downtime.  Where one tenant’s traffic spike used to mean inevitable downtime for other tenants hosted on the same server, CloudLinux isolates tenants in Lightweight Virtualized Environments to restrict usage of resources to a predefined space.

“The danger of downtime caused by a single tenant’s over-usage of resources becomes nonexistent,” finished Mr. Livingston, “and with integrated R1Soft backup, so does the worry of data loss.”