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Up-and-coming third-party blogging site, recently published an original infographic highlighting the twenty-five most popular hosting providers for bloggers. Thanks to all of you, NetHosting made the list! Coming in at number seven, of the 5600 bloggers that volunteered their hosting information for the infographic, 387 of them host with NetHosting. Again, thanks to all of you who choose to host with us; we’re grateful for your support and confidence!

popular-hosting-providers-infographic accurately points out that the secret to affordable hosting from NetHosting for bloggers is our Cloud Virtual Hosting option. For simple blogs, virtual hosting is a popular option because blogs don’t require many resources from a server, and virtual hosting is almost always the most cost-effective solution for small sites. The benefit that NetHosting has over the traditional virtual hosting model is CloudLinux.

CloudLinux isolates each bloggers’ instance on a shared hosting server so that the extent to which each instance affects each other is extremely minimized. Additionally, NetHosting’s Cloud Virtual Hosting runs in the public cloud, so the benefits of cloud computing (e.g. redundancy, agility, etc.) come to the overall shared servers and in turn trickle down to benefit the individual Cloud Virtual Hosting users as well.

In addition to highlighting popular hosting services like NetHosting, also highlighted some interesting facts about blogging worldwide. There are over two hundred and three million blogs worldwide. Thirty-one million of those bloggers are located in the United States. Furthermore, sixty percent of businesses have a company blog (much like this one), to better communicate and reach out to the public. And although the stereotype is that women do most of the blogging, found that four out of six bloggers (out of the 5600 that responded to this particular survey) were actually male.

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As for what blogging applications most people use on their servers, the most used blog distribution platform was WordPress with forty-three percent of the respondents saying they used it. Second was the Google product Blogger (that gives out free addresses) which accounted for thirty-five percent of the survey responders. Together, Tumblr, Posterous, and Typepad made up sixteen percent of the platforms for the bloggers questioned by Finally, six percent of the 5600 used a different platform entirely.

For the curious, the top five most popular hosting services in the responses received were HostGator, BlueHost, Rackspace, Softlayer, and Amazon. worked on collecting all the data for the infographic over the past month, and it just hit the presses today! Author John Rampton explains that he recognized the difficulty of finding reliable hosting providers and was motivated to launch this project to alleviate some of that pain for other bloggers. Rampton was also careful to specify that is not an affiliate and doesn’t receive payout on commissions. This was solely for the benefit of the bloggers looking for a one-stop comparison of some of the biggest names in blog hosting online.

One alternative that didn’t make the list was For exactly zero dollars a month, bloggers can put their site on to have a distinct URL, free from the pesky “” or “” tagline. Additionally the WordPress plug-in comes with your 5GBFree account so you get the added features from that as well. Full disclosure is that 5GBFree is powered by NetHosting, but there is no obligation so you could host through the state-of-the-art NetHosting data center, for free, for as long as you want.

To read more about popular hosting companies, check out our blog post about GoDaddy’s recent fiasco (a downed router or maybe a member of the hacktivist group Anonymous taking out millions of the company’s hosted sites as well as its DNS infrastructure).