NetHosting has released a statement on weather-related downtime and proven redundancy methods.

Orem, UT NetHosting, one of the hosting industry’s leaders in app hosting, shared virtual hosting, and cloud hosting, has issued a statement today about the potential for weather-related hosting outages in data center facilities, as well as the proven redundancy precautions for power and uptime that it has employed in its own data center, located in Orem, Utah.

The statement, issued by CEO, Lane Livingston, is as follows:

“As evidenced by the recent data center outages that affected Amazon’s US-EAST-1 data center in northern Virginia, the weather poses a serious threat to the accessibility of even the most well known providers and websites. Having experienced an electrical storm in April of 2011 at our Orem, Utah location, we feel it is important to reiterate to existing customers and the public the power management systems and generator backups provisioned at our data center that successfully protected our customers from power outages and downtime.

The NetHosting data center is powered by state-of-the-art Liebert UPS Systems. Backup power is provided by Cummins/ONAN diesel generators, which are securely located within an enclosed area. These generators are tested regularly and receive scheduled maintenance by the manufacturer so we as a hosting provider can promise reliability to our customers. The UPS Systems are also tested and maintained regularly.

When lightning struck our Orem, Utah data center location in 2011, our primary power source kicked off and our backup generators immediately picked up the slack. Not one of our hosting customers experienced downtime due to loss of power. NetHosting has provided reliable and quality hosting through all kinds of inclement weather for the past ten years and will continue to do so into the future.”

More can be learned about NetHosting’s facilities by taking a virtual tour of the company’s data center online.