NetHosting offers customers educational whitepaper on the correlation of website performance and ranking.

Orem, UT NetHosting, a global provider of Cloud, Dedicated, VPS, and Virtual hosting, has published a whitepaper on Google’s implementation of website speed as a criterion that helps to determine ranking. “Five Ways to Kill Your Google Ranking” highlights five commonly practiced ways that website owners sabotage the success of their websites by inhibiting their performance with oversized images, inadequate processing power, and more.

“It’s interesting how the difference of milliseconds can translate to more page views, slashed drop off rates, and ultimately that all-important spike in revenue,” stated NetHosting CEO, Lane Livingston. “Google found, for example, that adding five hundred milliseconds to the load time of its search results page increased the drop off rate by 25%. People just do not have the patience to wait anymore and website owners have to adapt or be left behind.”

Structured as a reverse how-to guide, NetHosting’s whitepaper uses data compiled from a number of cited studies to instruct website owners on five simple methods that, if ignored or reversed, will achieve a slower website, and thus a lower Google ranking.

“‘Five Ways to Kill Your Google Ranking’ is meant to bring attention to an easily rectified syndrome affecting the majority of websites out there, which is slow load times,” said Mr. Livingston. “NetHosting’s role in helping to speed up the web is to pair site owners with the processing power and resources they need to load their websites quickly during peak traffic hours and around the clock.”