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The online news and entertainment network for the gaming community, Machinima.com goes under NetHosting’s magnifying glass in the most recent case study.

Orem, UT NetHosting, a leading provider of Cloud Hosting, Virtual Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting solutions, has just added the newest case study to its wide selection of highlighted companies. This time, Machinima.com joins the lineup of big name online organizations examined in NetHosting case studies.

NetHosting reports Machinima.com was founded by Hugh Hancock in 2000 in response to the progressing trend of using video game graphic engines to create short films. Machinima.com was supposed to be the forum for these films which could be shared and organized.

Eventually, Machinima.com branched out to creating its own films and acting as a news outlet for the gaming culture. According to the case study, the Machinima.com channel on YouTube is the all-around most viewed channel on the entire site.

In the full case study, NetHosting divulges more of Machinima.com’s history, future, and what it looks like behind-the-scenes.

NetHosting CEO Lane Livingston explained in a statement, “Machinima Inc. is a good example of a forward-thinking web-based company which leads the industry in moving towards the future of news and entertainment.” He states further, “What other companies will look like further down the road is hard to say, but the integration of entertainment for a specific community into the web will be the general pattern overall.”

On top of NetHosting’s most recent case study, it has explored other members of the web-based gaming community such as Battle.net, Steam, and Zynga.