NetHosting is soon to add cloud products to its list of services.

Orem, UT NetHosting, a leading provider of high performance hosting products, has recently announced that it has arrived at the final stages of development for its new cloud hosting product, the latest in Internet server technology.

The cloud product is one that NetHosting has been excited about for quite a while, as it will introduce its customers to the cutting edge of server flexibility, price, and performance.

“The potential of cloud computing is in many ways limitless,” stated NetHosting employee Joe Seegmiller. “With this setup, our customers can grow their website presence without constraints like inadequate server space or a ridiculous price tag.”

The idea of cloud hosting, or cloud computing as it is sometimes called, is to create an ultra-scalable resource of server space that dynamically meets the computing and traffic demands of websites as they naturally grow and evolve, eliminating the stress of running into computing “traffic jams” on the web.

The NetHosting cloud platform also allows for the user to pay as they go, meaning its clients will never put their cash into server space they don’t use or need.

“And in times like these,” said NetHosting CEO Lane Livingston, “that’s the kind of cost-efficiency we can all live with.”