NetHosting introduces new customer education program dubbed the Online Success Series, a collection of free guides and tools to help website owners turn a profit online.

Orem, UT Cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and virtual hosting provider, NetHosting, has recently released a series of free guides and simple tools called the Online Success Series. This series is targeted at owners of ecommerce websites and small businesses with the purpose of helping to create or improve cost-efficient marketing campaigns.

These guides focus on what NetHosting CEO Lane Livingston calls the “four keys of online success,” namely search engine optimization, website hosting, social media, and design. Each guide provides a snapshot of one of the four topics, complete with educational information, a detailed breakdown of available tools and options, and suggestions for immediate implementation.

“Without these four pieces, even the best funded marketing strategy is incomplete,” stated Mr. Livingston. “We hope that the Online Success Series enables the small, one-man operations out there to immediately launch or improve their online marketing campaigns in a clear and simple way, without breaking the bank.”

Mr. Livingston summarized the series as a five-email campaign that not only delivers the previously mentioned guides, but walks website owners through the process of website and audience analysis, making the tough decisions, and cost-effective implementation.

“I found that our unique value to the customer is not only our secure systems but the integrity of our company,” Mr. Livingston added. “Our customers can see that we truly care about them and want them to succeed online.”