NetHosting has finished its long-term project to give Shared Hosting customers the best shared hosting experience available in the industry.

Orem, UT NetHosting, an industry leader of dedicated, cloud, and virtual hosting, has updated its Cloud Virtual Hosting solution to improve its users’ experiences. Updates were made not only to hardware and software components but to the cPanel administration tools as well.

One struggle for hosting providers is constantly update hardware without risking unnecessary customer downtime. For the past four to six months, NetHosting Dedicated Experts™ have been migrating customer virtual servers to newer and more powerful hardware. This will result in less downtime and less lag for Cloud Virtual Hosting customers.

In addition to new hardware, technicians have also finished installing CloudLinux on all Cloud Virtual Hosting servers. CloudLinux prevents shared server tenants from abusing or monopolizing server resources from other shared server tenants. This is also a security improvement. If one account on a shared server gets infiltrated by a hacker, CloudLinux can isolate that instance and prevent a virus or hacking to spread to other accounts. This is how NetHosting’s Cloud Virtual Hosting distinguishes itself from any other shared hosting solution.

Finally, NetHosting is now offering Installatron for all of its virtual hosting customers. With Installatron, customers are now able to install and manage applications (e.g. WordPress, MediaWiki, shopping carts, etc.) on their shared server instance more easily than ever before. As always, NetHosting looks to innovate to better serve its customers.

When asked about his investment into offering an improved Cloud Virtual Hosting product, NetHosting CEO Lane Livingston responded, “Every single customer is important to NetHosting, no matter if they have one cloud server with us or dozens of dedicated servers. We saw an opportunity to cost effectively improve the hosting experience for our Cloud Virtual Hosting customers and we jumped on the chance to give them the best service we can.”