NetHosting gives customers the option to update static sites to dynamic content management systems with WordPress Conversion.

Orem, UT (November 25, 2013) NetHosting, a rising leader in Cloud Hosting, Virtual Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting solutions, has recently released WordPress Conversion, a low-cost service that converts outdated websites that are difficult for users to manage and edit to simplified dynamic WordPress sites.

The service, which allows users the convenience of editing site content without the burden and expense of a middleman, is gaining significant traction among site owners with small to medium-sized sites of three to five static pages.

“WordPress Conversion is extremely affordable and the payoffs are tremendous,” stated Lane Livingston, NetHosting CEO. “As a free content management system, WordPress grants distinct and invaluable SEO benefits to our customers. Coupled with the ability to manage their content on the fly, conversion to a dynamic WordPress platform comes highly recommended for the long-term success of their online efforts.”

Switching to a WordPress platform also gives site owners access to a vast range of plugins and themes to easily customize the look and functionality of their websites. For customers who don’t want any changes to the look of their sites, WordPress Conversion is a one-to-one conversion, allowing customers to keep everything they love about their sites while drastically improving their experience.

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