NetHosting specializes in a number of areas and we thought it was about time we joined the information superhighway to share a little of what we know about a few of the hottest topics in the industry, so we’ve created these websites. Take a look!

One of the key subjects we wanted to address was cloud hosting. The buzz around the subject of cloud hosting (or cloud computing) is astounding, and people are scouring the web for information on what it is, does, and how to make it work for them, which is why we’ve released and, where we’ve highlighted several articles to narrow your search and give you varying viewpoints to test your opinion and knowledge of cloud hosting.

We also know a thing or two about Colocation at NetHosting, as we are hosted in a state-of-the-art Class A facility in Utah. We include even more information about the colocation facility at Fibernet Corp. on these five sites:

Additionally, NetHosting has significant experience in PCI Compliance for ecommerce sites and SAS70 certification for service organizations, as we’ve recently attained both credentials. Take a look at our posts on and

Finally, with all excitement behind Apple’s release of the iPad, people have been looking for ways to get their new gadgets online and cruising the cyberverse. Find the answers you’re looking for at