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NetHosting continues to expound on existing energy-efficient procedures while furthering efforts to go green.

Orem, UT NetHosting, one of the nation’s leading Hosting providers, has taken great strides in the past years to increase the energy efficiency of its facilities. These efforts have included the installation of sensored and fluorescent lighting, cutting-edge UPS systems manufactured by the world’s principal supplier, Emerson Network Power Company/Liebert Corporation, and a top-of-the-line AquaSnap Chiller system that recycles outdoor temperatures for use within the data center during the cooler months.

The monetary and environmental advantages of these upgrades can be measured in watts of electricity saved with the implementation of sensored lighting, the vital elimination of toxic waste by replacing outdated, battery-operated UPS systems, and the reservation of resources through the innovative technology of high efficiency, AquaSnap Chiller units.

Lane Livingston, CEO and founder of NetHosting, says of these systems, “It’s a great place to start, but we’re by no means finished. In addition to the possibilities of solar panels, we’re also looking into heat exchange systems that take the heat off the servers in the data center and recycle it through the building during the winter time.”

According to Mr. Livingston, NetHosting’s Class A data center was built with an invested appreciation for value and efficiency, ideals that seamlessly translate into “green,” climate-targeted initiatives. The focus during construction of the NetHosting data center was on reducing the power consumption of the typical data center facility, and that focus continues today with the implementation of new and cost-effective technologies as they emerge.

Mr. Livingston finished by saying, “The way NetHosting sees it, taking advantage of these energy-saving technologies isn’t only the smart thing to do, but it’s also the right thing to do for the environment.”