NetHosting has released a new case study on movie and TV database IMDb.

Orem, UT NetHosting, a leading provider of cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and virtual hosting has published a case study on the Internet’s number one movie and TV database, IMDb.

IMDb, founded in 1990 by Col Needham, has over 160 million unique visitors each month, and is the number one database for accessing movie and TV information online. As a site where users can access detailed information about media, including production credits, dates, and links to actors, IMDb is relevant in the visual community.

While IMDb’s initial focus was to provide information on shows and movies, it has expanded to include online streaming options for movies and TV shows, and its partnering with Amazon has made even more media available through Amazon Instant. In addition, IMDb hosts movie trailers, stills, and behind-the-scenes images to provide users a rich experience of varied information.

“IMDb’s utility is vast in this expanding visual culture, and their connection with Amazon makes them even more prolific,” says NetHosting CEO Lane Livingston. “More than a simple database of plot summaries and casts, IMDb provides vast amounts of information for users and gives them the opportunity to contribute through message boards and comments. We all like to talk about TV and movie culture, and IMDb creates a knowledgeable place to do that.”

In addition to its IMDb case study, NetHosting has also inspected other online streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu.