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Well, I guess the RankBrain algorithm isn’t that new, but it is still an SEO Secret. It has been running for over a year in the background, collecting information and slowly changing the way rankings work. Google has decided that this algorithm is the third most important thing helping your website rank well in Google search.

So what is RankBrain?

RankBrain is an algorithm that helps Google sort through search results. This artificial intelligence system is used to help the computer teach itself how to know what you really want to find on Google. My husband can never find what he wants on Google because he doesn’t think the same way most people do. As soon as I try to search something for him I am able to find it because I fit in with the masses. This algorithm will make it so he can find stuff, too. His browser will actually learn what he is searching for. It finds similar phrases and other things that you might not be typing in, but are really what you are looking for.

Keywords are a thing of the past. You won’t be penalized for using them (unless you are using them incorrectly) but they won’t help you like they used to. Now it is all about your content. Are you giving the people what they want? Making sure your content is valuable is more important than having the right keywords and RankBrain will help bring people to you.


RankBrain is a Component of Hummingbird

In case you didn’t know or just forgot, Hummingbird is the name for Google’s search algorithm. This means that it is just a part of what gets you at the top of Google’s results page. However; it is a huge part and something you need to pay attention to. Google’s world is a mystery to us all but we are slowly getting better and better at collecting what works and what doesn’t while still keeping that up to date. If we all knew exactly what to do nothing would work right. They would have to come up with new ways to filter and we would end up right where we started. There are so many helpful resources out there you just have to look.

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