Quality → Awareness → Profitability

There are plenty of reasons why everyone involved with NetHosting should be excited about our newly established Core Value Model. For one, it solidifies exactly where we stand as a company, as individuals within the company, and where we want to go as a whole.

Individually, the Model prompts us to evaluate our job performance and responsibilities from a different, more unified angle.

It’s easy enough to question, “How have I done today?” But it’s essentially more effective to ask yourself, “Have I met my daily, weekly, and monthly goals, and do they directly enhance the company’s values of Quality, Awareness, and Profitability?”

Working in tandem, our individual efforts will translate to increased performance companywide in all three areas of our Core Value Model.

  • What does increased Quality mean for you, the customer?

That’s easy. You can expect Nethosting to continue striving for that level of excellence we have and will always seek to deliver, and you can trust that each employee has the same goal in mind.

  • What about Awareness?

The more you know about Nethosting, the more prepared you are to make the best choice for your online business and web hosting needs. We want to get the word out! Our prices are competitive, our services reliable, and our facilities topnotch. What more can be said?!

  • And Profitability…?

This is where our win-win philosophy really comes into play. We want you to be successful! And as a colossal percentage of today’s businesses are plugged into the Internet, your online presence represents a major slice of your revenue pie. You want your online presence to be live, accessible, and fast, and so do we, which is why we place such an emphasis on our promise of redundancy.

Your online venture is safe with us, always.