Happy employees = productive employees. We all want productive employees and the best way to get that is to make them comfortable and happy.

What makes them happy?

Not everyone feels comfortable at work. Those that are happy at work should consider themselves very lucky! If you are an employer, it is a part of your job to ensure your employee’s needs are taken care of, and that the atmosphere is a happy one and conducive to productivity. Not sure how you can make this happen?

Here are a few simple things you can do to help your employees feel happy and at home.


Highlighting milestones that employees have hit or challenges they have overcome is an easy way to show you care about them and their development. Sometimes a simple “Thank you!” or “Great job!” is all it will take to show them you care. Get to know your employees and see how they respond to recognition. For example, not everyone feels comfortable or likes being recognized publicly, so be aware of each individual’s needs and how they like to receive recognition. You can have them let you know when they get hired how they like to receive recognition.

Take an Intrest

Bosses who take a genuine interest in their employees tend to have better employees. Remember to be careful about the questions you ask, but if you care about how they feel at work and that they have all the tools they need they are more likely to stay and be more productive.

Let them Disengage

People need vacation and time to relax. Even taking 15 minutes out of the day to not think can increase productivity by 20%. Some employers require you to clock out every second you aren’t thinking about work, and this can be very discouraging to employees, so much so that it may push them away.

Stop Calculating Everything

Keeping score all the time doesn’t help anyone. Yes, you do need to know how your employees are doing, but keeping score every time something happens doesn’t encourage employee productivity.

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