NetHosting has recently implemented R1Soft Remote Backup protection on all hosting services to ensure the security of client data.

R1Soft is the cutting-edge of data protection software. As a product, R1Soft software is responsible for securing over 200,000 servers worldwide.

R1Soft backs up data regularly by taking snapshots of the activities on the server by the minute and will sort through the data to make sure only new or modified data is stored, preventing duplicates and wasted space. R1Soft also enables clients to personalize their backup by allowing users to back up only certain files as well as decide on the backup schedule.

R1Soft’s restoration software makes data restoration virtually painless for clients that have experienced any form of data loss. This is made possible essentially with R1Soft’s Bare Metal restoration software which restores a system completely from scratch or from “bare metal.”  R1Soft also claims that its restoration software is the “fastest restore method on some virtualization platforms.”

The implementation of R1Soft helps NetHosting improve its services greatly.  Not only is data securely stored, but in case of emergency, restoration is very simple and efficient.  By defending customers’ information and systems with R1Soft Remote Backup software, NetHosting can help customers rest assured that they are safe from virtually any disaster that could erase precious data.