New Year’s Resolutions! Every year 92% of the population makes them, and then fail to keep them. If you own a business, your resolutions might have this year’s success riding on them!

There can be so many different things to focus on that it can be daunting to get a list started.

Here are three that will help move your company forward this year.

Let it GO

1. Let go of what Doesn’t Work and Move Forward Fresh!

It’s easy to get into a groove, get settled, and put your feet up. There is comfort in the familiar, even if it isn’t working well. The start of the year is the perfect time to review your routine, take inventory on the output of this routine, and figure out what is or is not a productive use of your time and effort. You can’t ever retrieve your time or your employee’s time, so take an assessment on productivity and let go of anything that isn’t moving your company forward.

Cash Management

2. Better Cash Management!

Review your finances from the previous year. If you have an accountant sit down together and go over each dollar that was spent, why it was spent, was it necessary, and ROI. If you don’t have an accountant or financial advisor now is the perfect time to get one! Work to create a new budget that takes all these factors into account, and then make the effort to keep expenses down. Anyone with a business knows the benefit of good bookkeeping and making your money stretch!

online marketing

3. Online Promoting and Marketing of My Company!

The internet is here to stay. Even if you have a simple website that works like a business card you cannot avoid the importance of online marketing. The internet is often the first thing people turn to find resources for their needs. You want to take steps to have a legitimate online presence, and the sooner the better! Technology is only becoming more ingrained in our lives and it is a great practice to get your name out there in the cyber world.


Focusing on any or all of these will definitely help with moving your company forward.

We wish you all the best for 2018 and hope it is full of success for you!

Let us know your resolutions in the comments below!