If you haven’t noticed – we got a mascot!

Should you get one?  Was getting one right for us?

You might be wondering why we got one then. Let’s take you through the steps!

There are lots of things you need to know about your customers before you start trying to decide what animal or image you want to have around to promote your business.

Target Audience


Who is your target audience? Who do you currently serve? Often these are the same answer but not every time. Do your research and find out who is your actual customer and if they are the type of person you want as a customer.

For example, in doing some freelance research for a day spa, the owner thought her clients were women aged 35-50 with upper middle class income. This was a higher end spa and on the expensive end. She didn’t have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) so a makeshift system was created to get this data. It took a long time but it was definitely worth it. It turns out that most of her clients were women ages 18-24 and middle class. The owner didn’t care who she was targeting, she just wanted to offer the service. She had been spending money in print ads and quickly stopped when learning her biggest spenders would respond better to digital promotions. If she really wanted the older marketing she thought she had she would need to change her messaging everywhere and start targeting them better.


Knowing what your customer is looking for is extremely important. Some are looking for the bargain while others are looking for quality, and the majority of us are looking for the right balance. Is there something that customers are constantly asking you for? Something that would make sense for you to sell but you don’t? Maybe it is time to consider that. What does your customer want?

Social Media


When you are advertising online you need to know what platforms are more popular with your customers. This will help you know all the different formats you might want your mascot designed for. Each social media has their own specified sized that work best on their platforms so your shape needs to be able to change for size. This doesn’t just mean bigger or smaller but skinnier or fatter as well.


One great thing that Google Analytics can tell you is what time of day people are on your website. This will help you figure out your “who”. You want to get the most detailed description of your customers as possible. This will help you target the kinds of customers that are already interested in your product or service.


Why might you benefit from a mascot? Mascots make your brand more memorable. People tend to respond better to mascots than a spokesperson. We use mascots to teach children about the serious subjects all the time because they work. Adults are the same way. Animals tend to be the most effective because people generally like a cute endearing animal.

No What?

You might be ready to say, “Yes, I need a mascot – I will do a bird!” SLOW DOWN. It isn’t as simple as saying, let’s do this and picking something you like. You need to think about how your customers will interpret your mascot. Think of the Energizer Bunny, they gave him a character that just keeps going. When thinking of a mascot you need to think of how that animals attributes relate to your business and help it be known. Some are cute and dry while others are harder to make work. We decided to do a penguin because they are caring and friendly just like our customer support team.

We haven’t picked a name for our new friend and we will be doing that soon so stay tuned!