Online shopping has never been more convenient and available. More and more services are offered online. You can schedule your doctor appointments online. You can order groceries. You can buy your fiancé’s engagement ring! You can do all of this from your smartphone, from your work computer, from your tablet, and from your voice command devices.

This makes Christmas shopping for presents super easy! And this makes shopping for groceries more convenient. You can get basically anything you need by tapping your screen, and never have to see a person in the process.

What else does this mean for you as the customer?

It also means that you are giving out your credit card or debit card information more and more online. That information is out there on the web, and if you aren’t making sure you are using secure websites it can also mean that it is available to cyber criminals.

Stick to the following tips to stay secure while shopping online this season!

1.       Keep an eye on all your accounts. Check in to your bank and credit card accounts daily to monitor

2.       Using a credit card instead of your debit card can help protect your cash

3.       Keep your eye out for scam emails that might be titled “Order Confirmation” if it is from a site you do not recognize

4.       Never give out information over a public Wi-Fi network when making purchases or filling out order information

5.       Continuously change your passwords and create strong passwords that would be near impossible to guess

6.       Only order from sites that use encryption when placing an order: Look for the Secure green lock symbol at the top left of the domain bar

7.       Make sure you are ordering from websites that have a history of being reliable and trustworthy, and watch out for those sites that sell products at what seems to be too good to be true deals! It could be a scam just to get your cash!

The internet has changed how we approach our Christmas shopping, with more and more people getting their Christmas shopping all done virtually. Make sure to keep up to speed on good cyber hygiene to ensure your information doesn’t get stolen by a criminal!

Help educate children and those older than you as well. After all, we’re all family, and it’s the holidays!