There are many sites I love and use daily for work. I have compiled a list of my favorite sites that I use almost daily. There is a wide variety of reasons I use these sites and I have shared many of them with you before but they really do make my job easier every day.


Hex Color

Color Hex

Trying to find the right colors to go together? Color-hex gives you the color code and others that look great together.




This does a great job at compressing images. Tiny is easy and free to use. It will compress all .png and .jpg files which are the ones I use the most.



Colors From Image

This is one of my favorites. You upload an image and choose which color you want from it and it will give you the html color code. Now you will never have to guess! You will be able to get the closest color to the one you want in the picture every time.



All Things Google

Analytics – I always want to know how many people are visiting the site and to see what they are looking for. If we are not offering something we should be I want to know!

Adwords – I like to keep track of what people are searching for to help them find us easier. Every business should be on top of things like this.

Optimize – I am constantly running AB tests and Google’s new optimize tool is the quickest way to do it. I love the new interface and how easy it is to get these set up and going.




This is how I track all my tasks that reoccur on a regular basis. It just reminds me once a month to do X or every day to do Y. I’m a huge fan of checklists and feel more efficient

when I have them.



All of our companies big projects are planned out in Asana. It is a great and simple way to make a plan for any project, big and small. You can write out all your steps and assign things to who needs to do them and/or who needs any info from it.




If you aren’t very good at designing (or you are looking for a free option) Canva is the best one I have found. They have hundreds of free templates so you don’t have to have a strong design eye. If you are good at design, you can start with a blank one and use this user-friendly platform to create masterpieces!