One of our favorite plugins here at NetHosting is SiteSecureMe (SSM). This is a wordpress security plugin that manages your updates and keeps you safe. If you get hacked while using this plugin they will de-hack your site for free!

Here are the great things they do for you!

WordPress Updates

SSM runs all updates for WordPress and your plugins every Monday so you will never have to worry about it again.

Remote Cloud Backups

Your entire site will be backed up into the cloud every day. This ensures your files are safe, just in case anything ever happens to the server or your site.

24/7 Monitoring

SSM has a proprietary scanner that checks your entire site every 5 minutes. It is looking for anything out of place and to make sure your site is still up and running

Malware Early Detection

The proprietary scanner comes in here, too. It is looking for malware, and if it finds any, SSM can get it removed in the early stages before it damages your site. Lots of malware isn’t initially seen and can be hard to catch so they take care of it for you!

Weekly Status Report

You will receive a weekly status report via email. This will tell you everything you need to know and assure you there are no current problems.

WordPress Security

WordPress is an open source software making it vulnerable to hacks. SSM make sure to keep you safe.

Malware and Hack Removal

If your site does get hacked or you get malware, your site is restored and malware removed for free if SSM had already been installed when it happened.

SSL Certificate Setup

Purchase your SSL with NetHosting and we will install it for you for free!

Vulnerability Analysis

If SSM notices you are using a theme or plugin that is no longer managed they will advise you to make a change and help you find a more current solution.