NetHosting’s Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated hosting products support current and future Fedora releases, including the soon-to-be-released Fedora 16.

Orem, UT NetHosting, a prominent provider of VPS Cloud, Dedicated Server, VPS Server, and Virtual Hosting solutions since 1994, has announced that its hosting products will support the Fedora Project’s newest distribution, Fedora 16, an open-source operating system that is scheduled for release on November 8th.

As a free operating system with a global community of volunteer users and developers, Fedora is lauded for its security, stability, and ease-of-use, and has recently been used as the foundation for derivative distributions of open source software such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The general release of Fedora 16, code-named “Verne,” comes only after the alpha and beta releases of the popular Linux-based operating system have been thoroughly tested by volunteer users to locate and fix bugs and problems.

“In our goal to educate and empower our customers to customize the best hosting platform for their needs, we are pleased to provide an extensive list of operating systems to choose from, including the most recent Fedora release,” stated NetHosting CEO, Lane Livingston.

Fedora enthusiasts can expect the coming week’s final release to contain a number of significant updates, such as support for Windows installation and Xen Dom0, and a switch to Grub2. The Fedora 14 released, dubbed Laughlin, will be available and maintained for one month after the November 8th release of version 16.

Other operating systems supported on NetHosting’s hosting products include CentOS 6, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Debian, DirectAdmin, cPanel, and Windows.