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We had an incredible experience sponsoring three families from the Orem/Provo area!

As a kid, I never spent much time thinking about other children and what they were unwrapping—or not unwrapping—except when I went back to school and my friends and I compared our coolest presents. As an adult, I can better imagine what it must be like for the children who have nothing to compare on their first day back after a long, disappointing Christmas break.

I think every child deserves the chance to just be a kid on Christmas morning, which is why we were all excited to participate as a company this Christmas in the Sub for Santa program with United Way.

We sponsored three families in the Orem/Provo area and it was an incredible experience! We had minimal contact with the families, but we had a short brief detailing the likes, clothing sizes, and Christmas wishes of the children, and with that info I made a few dozen cards—each one representing one gift item—and hung them from the company Christmas Tree.

I was overwhelmed with how many cards were taken by my coworkers on the first day of the gift drive, and soon enough the presents started rolling in.

Sub for Santa 2009

The drive lasted a little over three weeks and ended this morning, when we delivered the gifts.

John Rampton Christmas 2009

We never got to see the kids, of course, but it’s not difficult to image what their reactions will be on Christmas morning when they find much more than they probably expected—fun books to read, warm coats, new pants, and pajamas.

One of the families gave us a Thank You card, which was unexpected, but really appreciated by everyone in the office.

There’s really not much more you can ask for than what was expressed in their card. What a great way to celebrate the holidays!