Gotta admire the innovations behind all those awesome commercials!

Every year I watch the Superbowl with all my friends and family.  I don’t think I watch it for the right reasons though.  I only watch it for the commercials.  I love seeing all the funny and innovative things that people come up with.  I figure that if a company is spending $2.5 Million Dollars for a 30 second spot, that it better be good.  You can find all of the commercials online at Hulu, my personal favorite place to watch online video. Hahaha, and no…that was not a plug just to get Hulu out there.  They are a great place to watch online video.  Here are some of my top picks for 2010!

My Top 2010 Superbowl Commercial:  E*Trade Girlfriend

NetHosting Office Poll Top 2010 Superbowl Commercial: Hyundai: 10 Years

Overall User Top 2010 Superbowl Commercial: Boost Mobile: Shuffle

Worst User Top 2010 Superbowl Commercial: Emerals Nuts and Pop Secret: Awesomer

The overall user top 2010 pick was judged by Reprise Media by overall interaction on TV and the web. You can find their report detailing everything online. I found it very interesting the amount of online activity on Twitter about the commercials.  People weren’t as much concerned about the game as they were with the commercials.  Could be because the Twitter crowd isn’t as much concerned with  with football as they are with techie things!  That basically describes me perfectly.  Mullen Media released stats on the top brands.

The Top Ten Most Effective Brands on BrandBowl2010

1. Doritos

2. Google

3. Focus On Family

4. Snickers

5. Budweiser

6. Bud Light

7. Hyundai

8. Kia

9. GoDaddy

10. Coca-Cola

The Five Least Effective Brands on BrandBowl2010

1. Diamond Foods’ – Pop Secret

2. Honda

3. Teleflora

4. Michelob Ultra

5. Budweiser Select55

We must keep in mind that Doritos was popular, but they did have several commercials.  I really liked Googles’ love story and apparently so did users all across the world. Do you think these commercials are effective marketing tools? It seems to me that the top commercials that people liked were either very funny and engaging or Google (they can do anything and people love them.)  What are your honest thoughts about the commercials out there?