Is Antivirus Security Just for your Website?

When you think of antivirus security, do you think only of your website? Or, do you look across the plains of technology and also see your computer, phone, and email account, waving to you, innocent and yet just as susceptible to exploitations as your computer?

If you are only seeing the computer screen right in front of you, take another look past the edge of your nose. Anything with an IP address can (and most likely will) be exploited and is susceptible to being hacked. If you haven’t already, it is a fabulous idea to think of getting an antivirus system for all your devices.

There are quite a few options on the market these days for providing antivirus security. You’ve no doubt heard or seen ads for Norton, McAfee, Panda.  For a while, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, a Russian contender, was the top dog, but recently has dropped in the ranks, while Bitdefender has taken the stage.

Bitdefender is a premium antivirus.  It’s at the top of the security industry food chain.

Remember the exploit that came to be known as Wanna cry? This was the team that caught and resolved the issues. Some of the other antiviruses are not as up-to-date as Bitdefender, who has a team of developers constantly on the watch and conducting product testing. It does very thorough scanning of files, and if there are vulnerabilities or malware it immediately quarantines anything suspicious.

Their antivirus allows you to put a software firewall on their application.  It also provides the freedom of editing preferences so you can allow exceptions if you want.  In other words, it is conveniently customizable!

Bitdefender is not open source, therefore it is more secure but this also means you are paying for the quality.

Take A Bite Of Bitdefender This Holiday Season

One of our coworkers has been using it and here is what he had to say about it: “They have an awesome interface that is dynamic. Bitdefender notifies me in real time if there are vulnerabilities on my computer. I love how it reports back to me and is just so user-friendly. I sleep better at night because of the peace of mind I have with Bitdefender.”

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