Those watts sure do add up in a data center, and because of it, NetHosting has to be a bit choosey  about where we plant our own data center. For that reason, deciding on Utah was not just a matter of chance. At least three major factors were taken into consideration:

Climate Control

Climate was obviously key for the same reason Oregon and Washington are hot spots for collocation data centers. Those famous Utah winters don’t only produce ideal skiing conditions, but are pretty convenient when it pays to take advantage of the frigid outdoor temperatures to keep the data center cool.

Nix the Risk

There are High Risk zones and there are Low Risk Zones and everything in between, and Utah ranks in one of the lowest risk disaster zones in the US, next to Nevada and Idaho, according to FEMA’s Presidential Disaster Declarations. We included the map in one of our earlier blogs, so feel free to take another glance. Nethosting Security

Powerfully Affordable

Finally, the cost of power in Utah just does not compare with the rest of the nation as one of the most affordable places to use electricity in the nation, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Independent Statistics and Analysis release for December 2009 and 2008, seen here . You’ll find the average retail price of electricity in the Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors. In all sectors, Utah ranks among the lowest prices per kilowatthour, if not the lowest, than any other state.

Although, the NetHosting data center is most applicable to the Industrial sector, it’s still a crystal clear indication of what it means to be a hosting company in Utah, for us and our end-users. We can take advantage of colossal savings possible just by having a data center in Utah, and those savings directly translate into cut costs for our customers.