Something you may not have known about Facebook…

I recently read an article that contained some pretty interesting data citing Facebook as the top site to use for sharing links, videos, pictures, and more via the Gigya widget, besting MySpace, Twitter, and Yahoo.

Here’s the graph I borrowed from

Social Media Use in the US

It’s basically common knowledge at this point that the amount of user participation on Facebook is unprecedented. In an earlier blog about the upcoming construction of Facebook’s new data center, I gave more specific numbers about its growth.

In addition to content-sharing with widgets, Facebook also ranked #1 in Authentication Services, when a user logs into another site with his or her existing username and password, outperforming even Google by 1%. That’s pretty significant when you consider Facebook’s age compared to its peers.

So why is Facebook more exciting now (hence the title of this blog)? Check us out at the Big Business and Technology Expo and find out! I’ll give you a hint: “FREE iPad.” Maybe, depending on your luck and the amount of people who enter to win it