For many people looking to set up a small business site, every penny counts. Hosting can be an extra unwanted cost, cutting into an already thin marketing budget. Many marketers like to spread out their hosting on several services to manage a network of sites. That cost can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.

One of the best solutions is to use free hosting. Free hosting services usually give a watered-down version of paid hosting, but many of the features are still intact. In exchange for free hosting, many services place ads on your sites to help them bring in revenue.

However, finding a great free hosting site is like finding an honest politician – they’re few and far between. Many times your site will load at glacial speeds, or they’ll riddle your site with ads. They don’t give you support and their site looks like a scam from the start.

How do you know which free hosting sites actually work? Well, you could ask business owners across the world which free hosting provider is the best. Actually, you could ask 43,647, just like just did.

They include hosting statistics from around the world, as well as the Top 25 Free Hosting Companies.

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