We live in a headline-driven world.

Many of your decisions today will be based on the quality of headlines that you read.

Don’t believe me?

How did you decide what posts to read on that news site you visited this morning? Or what food to eat at a restaurant? Or emails to open? Movies? Books? Cereals? Or even what TV shows you watched last night?

To a large degree, those decisions are shaped by their headlines or descriptions.

When you’re deciding whether you want to open up a blog post or not, isn’t the only deciding factor the headline? Even fantastic bloggers with iron-clad reputations need solid headlines to pull in readers. The ability to write good headlines is the number one skill that will get your visitors to check out your posts.

Awesome posts with cruddy headlines get ignored, while terrible articles with spicy headlines rack up the views. You can’t grow your business using the same lazy, generic headlines 99% of bloggers are using.

Here are 6 ways to write attention-dominating headlines!

1. Round Up Your Audience

For this strategy, you include the name of your industry in the headline. Have you noticed those commercials for prescription pills that might be dangerous for you? They always start with things like “Attention XYZ users” or “Have you or a loved one used XYZ?”

They’re playing to their target audience from the very beginning.

Example: “Attention Blogging Fanatics: Use These 7 Tips for More Traffic”

2. Use Controversy

A well-written article presenting controversy sparks comments like nothing else! Let your headline display the controversy in your post and you’ll get the diehards checking out your blog.

Example: “Is SEO Dying a Slow Death?”

Wouldn’t most SEO pros be intensely curious about that headline? It’s a great way to not only target your exact readers, but get them to click through to the post.

3. Use “Newsy” Words

People want to keep up with what’s going on in the world, and especially their industry. Write your headline in such a way that the news junkies in your niche won’t be able to resist.

Example: “XYZ Announces New Video Sharing Technology to Help Build Your Online Readership”

4. Use Curiosity

Take a look at this headline:

“Do You Make These 3 Business-Killing Mistakes?”

By asking a question about making mistakes, it’ll make readers stop and think about mistakes they might be making in their business. This headline makes readers insecure and they’ll want to click through to see what 3 mistakes you’re talking about.

5. Straight Information

Sometimes, the best way to go is to cut out the fluff and give straight facts. These work best if you believe you have something so interesting to offer that you should just tell them and they’ll click.

Example: “Win Two Tickets to My Las Vegas Convention” or “See How Much Money I Made Last Year”

6. Secrecy

For some reason, words like “secret,” “underground,” or “never before revealed” seem to set off an alarm in our heads. We’re all searching for the best info on the Internet. By using those words in your headlines, your readers will think “Oh my gosh, could this be the one elusive thing I’ve been looking for?!”

Example:  “10 Top-Secret Copywriting Strategies to Sell More Than Ever Before”

What other headline writing strategies do you use?