Toy Story 4 has officially been announced! On June 21, 2019, movie theaters will be packed with all ages to see what Woody and Buzz go through next.

Hearing about this release reminded me of what happened in 1998 before Toy Story 2 was released. Did you hear about how it almost didn’t happen?

Importance of Backups

A big company like Pixar knows and understands the importance of backups. When everything on their servers that housed Toy Story 2 was accidentally deleted they brought in the backup.

On all our shared hosting servers we have a backup powered by R1soft (software that manages the backups). We don’t guarantee these backups but we keep them as a courtesy to our customers. If you want to make sure you always have a backup, you can always purchase a backup system and check up on it regularly.

Here is the crazy thing! The backup failed. Toy Story 2 was lost. There was nothing on site that could save it. Apparently, their backup had been failing for the last thirty days and they had no idea. This is why it is important to test your backups regularly.

The Best Part

We all know that Toy Story 2 was still released on time and it was the original creation. How did they do it? One of the managers was on maternity leave and working from home; because of this, she had everything on her computer and they were able to restore it all.

Depending on how valuable your data is, you might want multiple backups. Pixar got lucky but it was a stressful time. They had poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into a project that was deleted with a simple command, /bin/rm -r -f *.

Don’t lose your hard work! Get a backup today!

View the Toy Story 4 trailer here.