Romancing the Customer: Valentine’s Day is coming up! Is your site still single?

No one likes to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Especially not your website. If you aren’t getting the lovin’ you want from your customers, try these three ways to woo yourself more dates, GET NOTICED.

  • Write love letters. Content is key to getting noticed! RankBrain is in love with new, fresh content, so work those curving c’s and q’s, and luscious o’s and u’s! Keep the content coming and your date will keep coming back for more. Make sure the content is relevant, and always telling the truth, as that is key for building trust!
  • Network with other singles. How many times have you seen a couple hook up because they had a friend that new a friend? Or heard A site liked B site, so they were introduced? Up to half of your website’s rankings come from what you do offsite. Having a network is extremely helpful. Share dates by posting on social media, or get a guest date to come post on your site.
  • Make the date memorable! If you want a repeat, make sure you are making a good first impression! Clean layout, easy, user-friendly design is key. Observe how you and your customer interact (you can do this through Google Analytics) and make an effort to please your customer!


When all else fails, drop your prices! Good luck on your hot date!