There are several buzz words that get thrown around in business. Two very popular ones are SEO and analytics. If you’ve heard the words but don’t quite understand how they affect your business, stick around.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a cost effective way to get more traffic to a website. The goal of SEO is to get potential customers from their search to your webpage rather than to a competitor’s page. It achieves that by making your website easier for visitors to find by making it more readable by search engines.

SEO relies on keywords and other technical information and improvements that can easily be made to your webpage to make it more understandable to search engines and visitors. It is a reliable strategy to boost traffic and increase brand visibility.


The higher your rank,

The more traffic you get.



Analytics provide a framework and reference for marketing strategies and their success. By looking at their analytics, marketers can find specific keywords that visitors are using in web searches, use those keywords in their SEO efforts to get people to a webpage, and identify exactly what these searchers are looking for. Then they can use that information to improve their web presence.

Once those changes have been made, analytics can help to measure the success of those SEO efforts. Analytics allow us to see which pages are getting traffic, and from which platforms; this helps determine if specific optimization strategies are working, or if more improvements need to be made.

Not only do analytics show detailed traffic patterns, but they can track the behaviors and purchasing patterns of those that enter the website, making it even easier for marketers to perfect their SEO practices.

kid_computer_danceSEO and analytics work hand in hand to make a website easier to find and navigate, making sales more likely than before. Easier navigation for customers and more sales for your business is likely to result in a scene like this kid. Delight your customers and your sales manager, I dare you!

If you’re looking to improve your sales through SEO or analytics, we’d love to help you. Check out our Marketing Services and see how your business could change.

Article written in collaboration with Wallaroo Media.