Febreze helps you breathe happy, but how can it help you blog happy?

Got a blog? You probably know that blogs are made up of posts. Posts are akin to entries in a journal and progress chronologically, with the newest appearing first on the blog.

Common questions many business owners have are how do I keep creating interesting content for my blog, day after day? and what else is there to say after introducing my store, my team, and my product?

Successful business blog writers find the answer by thinking about their customers. What is your average customer like? What would help you connect to them more? Imagine what problems or desires bring customers to your product. Do some research and be creative.

Good Scents and a little imagination

To get an idea of how a simple product or service can generate neat ideas for content, check out Febreze's website. What does the Febreze product do? It's a spray that makes stuff smell good.

But what situations causes people to need Febreze?  What are some common and uncommon problems Febreze might solve?  What's up with our sense of  smell? By answering these two questions, Febreze filled up two pages of great content that both teach and entertain.

So here are some ideas Febreze used to find and create awesome content for its website and what you can do for your blog:

  1. Make a video! Product demonstrations, walkthroughs, and how-to's are all great angles to start from because they're free knowledge, and everyone loves free knowledge.  
  2. Have a contest and give something free away! Especially after you've attracted some followers, this is a great way for interest in the page to snowball as friends tell their friends. Everyone loves free things.
  3. Create a list of related resources for your audience to reference. So they bought some kitchen pipes from you? Who would you recommend to do their drywall? That kind of list.
  4. Invite a guest blogger (possibly from the list above) to write a post on your site. This will add validity to your site by showing that you are respected within the community– as well as bring traffic from the guest blogger's site/business.
  5. Show your success. Is a new product coming in? Introduce it. Did you just finish a really great project? Document it.
  6. Present a relevant topic or issue and start a conversation with your readers. This is a great way to gain the respect and camaraderie of your readers. It also involves you in a community.
  7. If you attend conferences or industry fairs, announce them and report on them in your blog. Attach your company to events, both national (like holidays) and local (like county fairs). This will help you seem real to readers and become more trusted.
  8. Create specials on your products that have to do with events, and write about them here (e.g. “Things have gotten chilly here in Philly-Snowstorm Sale on Meg's Boots)
  9. Make a small movie that uses your product or service and get friends to star in it. It will probably be really fun, funny, and will get people to your blog.
  10. Make them laugh. Do you have a goof-ball streak? A blog is the perfect place to put it to use. Find a funny video that you can somehow tie your product or service to and post it.

Other Tips:

  • Include a picture with every written post. It will help guide and direct your readers and hold their attention.
  • If your post asks a question or opens up a can of worms you aren't sure about or can't answer, link out to other sites that do have that information.   
  • If you allow commenting on your blog, respond to the comments and make friends with the readers who took time out of their day to read what they wrote. You may just be making the acquaintance of a new customer or someone who will recommend many others.
  • If you allow comments, make sure that you review the comments and remove any that look like spam or unsavory.
  • Don't forget social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, RSS) for quick and easy sharing of your brilliant posts across the internet.

This has been blogging for eyes and minds. Tune in next time to find out how to blog for search engines, and design blogging.