What is dedicated hosting?

In shared hosting platforms you share server space and resources with others on the server. With dedicated hosting, you purchase a space of your own where the resources, storage, and hardware belong to only you. Dedicated hosting means dedicated servers. These servers use fully dedicated hardware that you get to set up and optimize for your purposes. This setup gives you maximum control over whatever you need to host on your very own (dedicated) server.


Dedicated hosting gives you a level of control that shared servers can’t. With dedicated hosting, you control the entire server that you are using. This allows you to allocate the server’s resources and hardware however you would like. In addition, you have full access to modify the server to suit the specific needs of the websites and programs you run. Finally, you gain the security and control of having a separate server capable of running your websites and programs smoothly.

Dedicated hosting guarantees a safe and efficient space for your files and storage. This is beneficial since shared hosting poses the inherent risk that someone else on the server could cause malicious software or malware to attack the server. That could end up harming your portion of the server even though the problem didn’t originate from your files. Dedicated hosting ensures that no one will affect your files and storage except you.

Another benefit of dedicated hosting is the availability of resources as compared with shared hosting. In shared hosting, the amount of memory and storage space  available to you is not fixed. It can depend on who else uses it across the server and how much of it they use. With dedicated servers, the resources you pay for are yours and only yours. That means your website and services will be more efficient and able to carry out their functions.


The main disadvantage of dedicated hosting is that you lose the basic support that NetHosting provides to shared hosting customers. When you move to dedicated hosting, you can make endless modifications to your server. Unfortunately, our main technical support department can’t train on every possible modification of a dedicated hosting server. This will likely be the case at any major hosting company.

If you want one of our dedicated experts to help you manage your dedicated hosting, your best option is managed services. A professional technician can help you set up your dedicated servers and help to manage the software and hardware that keeps them running.