What is hosting?

When you hear the term “hosting” you may think of hosting a party, or the host of a talk-show. Virtual hosting refers to hosting your website and its data on a server. After you buy a domain name for your website you need a space to house all of its files, pictures, and other information. When you purchase hosting, you are really purchasing server space to store all the information specific to your website.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting simply means you are sharing a server with other people who are also housing their website information. They have their own space within the server for their files just like you do for yours.

This is similar to renting a unit in a large apartment building. Each tenant has their own space where they can store all of their belongings. On the server, each customer has their own space for their website and data.

Many tenants live in an apartment complex and divide the space and resources. If a neighbor uses all the hot water or internet bandwidth, you will find less of it in your own living space.

The same is true with the shared server; the resources are divided among all of the server patrons. Resources such the RAM and CPU are shared just like hot water and bandwidth are shared in some apartment complexes.

What are the benefits of shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a low cost option.

You will see a major price difference between shared hosting vs. more private or dedicated options. You are saving money by renting a unit in a larger server, just like you would in an apartment building rather than purchasing a house or apartment building.

Your hosting provider helps to manage the actual server.

The hosting provider manages security protocols, updates to keep the server running properly, and server hardware issues. This is similar to the maintenance crew that monitors an apartment complex. If anything goes wrong with the building, the maintenance staff will fix it. You’ll be in charge of your own belongings, but the staff will fix anything that is property of the apartment complex.

What are the disadvantages to shared hosting?

The biggest downside is that you have neighbors.

In shared hosting, others’ actions may affect your use of the server. A neighbor could post malicious content or violate the terms of service, often resulting in the IP address of the server getting blocked. If this happens, the IP block also applies to your site since it is on the same server. The parties who block an IP can’t always trace the specific website where malicious content originates from. To stay secure, they block the whole IP (server) from transmitting information to their server or website.

If someone else’s website uses up a lot of disk space on the server, there is less disk space for your site to use. When parking spaces are limited in your apartment complex and your neighbor has 7 cars, there are less spaces for you to park your car(s).

Don’t let this scare you away! Neighbors don’t always cause problems, we just want to be frank about the possibility. Your hosting provider will usually make every effort to keep other users on the server from causing problems.

Shared hosting is an excellent option for small businesses who don’t have a lot of traffic to their sites yet. Check out our features and awesome pricing on shared hosting here!

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